Sony “Golf Shot”

On this page we have each player appearing in the Sony Handycam “Golf Shot” video along with a still image of the entire Golf Shot sequence.


























2 Responses to Sony “Golf Shot”

  1. Dave T – Arms need to be straighter. Left arm needs to be straighter on the backswing, both arms need to be straighter at impact, right arm straighter after impact. Make a bigger arc by keeping the those arms straighter. Great weight transfer!

    Chester – Needs more weight moving onto the front foot at impact (try to get 65-70% of weight there) and finish the swing with 100% of the weight on the front foot. Left arm through and after impact has a “flying elbow” or “chicken wing” needs to be pointing down to the ground not up in the air.

    Jamie – Good backswing. Arms are very bent at impact and after impact, looks like he is trying to help the ball in the air by scooping. Extend the arms and hit down through impact.

    Andrew – At this angle it looks like the club is taking club back too upright. Needs to get weight transfering onto the front foot sooner and continue turning to 100% onto the front foot at finish. “Show me some sole!”

    Codfish – Stance is too wide (because of the wind?). Wide stance is restricting hip and shoulder turn. Arms need to be straighter at impact and watch for “flying elbow” with left arm after impact.

    Steve – Copying Cod with the wide stance (you need a better role model!). Knees seem very active but needs to get weight transfer moving forward through impact and all the way to 100% at finish.

  2. Bari Gourley - CPGA Teaching Professional, exceptional mother and better half of Mike G says:

    What I see:

    Pete – Great weight transfer! Driver is too whippy at the top of the downswing, might need a more stiff shaft. Unfortunately, the arms are bent at impact and the left arm has a flying elbow after impact taking power away.

    Gord – Need the back angle on this swing, as I think the plane of the swing is way inside on the way back but no real proof from this angle. Knees are very active so their is a a weight transfer back and through. Again the arms at impact are bent and we have a “chicken wing” happening. A lot of the guys are trying to scoop the ball in the air with their arms.

    Q – Oh Q…where do I start…(just kidding!) Great backswing, great extension with your arms, good weight transfer…unforunately, impact is part of the forward swing! At impact the majority of your weight is still on the back foot and it stays there through to the finish. Try to get your weight moving forward through impact. 70 % of your weight on your front foot at impact will give you great power! Like throwing a baseball, its not good to throw the ball off your back foot, you throw it as the weight is moving onto the front foot.

    Jeremy – A bit of a turn and weight transfer going back but like Q (do you really want to be like Q?!?) there is a lack of weight transfer through impact and onto the finish. The weight should start evenly balanced at address, move to 80% onto the back foot at the end of the backswing, at impact the weight should be 70% on the front foot and then through to 100% on the front foot at finish (body facing the target, all the weight on the front foot and the back foot on the toe, showing the whole sole.)

    Remember guys:

    The weight transfer gives you distance and trajectory, the arms and hands give you direction. Don’t try to get distance and trajectory from your arms. (These last two sentences are for everyone!)

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