Round 8 – Carnoustie Video

Here is a composite video of Round 8 from the Championship course at famed Carnoustie.  Carnoustie is the only course during the tour that is on the regular rotation of courses for The Open Championship.

The Open Championship at Carnoustie is known for many things including the “Hogan’s Alley”, which is the 6th hole with an out of bounds tight to the tee box and then all the way along the left edge of the fairway.  As our caddie Jim explained, with OB to the left and bunkers to the right, Hogan on four consecutive days hit a cut shot that started out of bounds and curved back into the fairway from which he was able to make birdie each day on the way to winning the Claret Jug.

Carnoustie is now perhaps more well known for the historic collapse by Jean van de Velde on the 72nd hole in the 1999 Open Championship.  With a 3 shot lead, he triple bogeyed the hole to fall into playoff which was lost.  Then in 2007, Sergio Garcia had a putt to win, which was missed and followed by a playoff that was lost.

In the video we see the foursome of Al, MikeG, Jeremy and DaveT, along with caddies Arthur and Jim who together have about 80 years of play experience at Carnoustie.

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