Round 8 Results – Carnoustie

The results are in for round 8 at Carnoustie.

How do I read this scorecard?

– The top table is the gross scores with totals as normal. The handicaps are shown next to the players’ names.  The table to the right of the top table has the Net score plus the total putts, number of 3 putts and number of holes scored 10+.  Everyone pays a £1 in to the Penalty Pot for 3 putts and holes 10+.

– The top table also contains the Soothsayer game results.  Soothsayer simply asks the player to predict their score before the round and then we calculate the difference from the actual score.

– The big game of the day was CHICAGO.  It is based on Net scores.  The middle table contains the calculated Net scores based on handicaps relative to DaveT’s low handicap of 4.  The CHICAGO table contains the calculated points:  1 for net bogey, 2 for a net par, 4 for a net birdie and 8 for a net eagle.

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