Round 5: The Royal Dornoch Golf Club Video

Here is a composite video of  the action during Round 5 at the The Royal Dornoch Golf Club, in the town of Dornoch, which is about 45 minutes north of Inverness, Friday, Oct 7th.

Royal Dornoch is one of the most celebrated links courses in the world and the whole gang was anxious to see it and test their game against it.  Well, it certainly met or exceeded everyone’s expectations.  A beautiful looking golf course from every vantage point.  And very tough to play.  Every hole has it own unique character and interesting features.

The weather on this day was the best so far on the tour.  Light clouds and sunshine, cool but not cold temperature and no rain.  Most importantly, the winds were very light which made the course much more playable than it would have been.  In high winds like we had in St. Andrews it would have been a slaughter.

A nice touch from the club is each day they raise flags on the flag poles next to the 1st tee for the countries that will be visiting the club that day.  The Canadian flag was flying as we started and we were told the Canadian flag is flying there most every day.

Pete and Chester have fun in this video with some creative commentary about their day as we stood on the 18th tee looking back down the golf course.  And Jamie’s sentiments at the end sum up the day very nicely.

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