Round 4: The Nairn Golf Club Video

Here is a composite video of  the action on The Nairn Golf Club, in the town of Nairn, just east of Inverness, for Round 4 of the tour, Thursday, Oct 6th.

This round starts the northern Inverness based leg of the tour.  Departure on the coach with John, our driver, was early in the morning.  A three hour drive through the Highlands with a quick 15 minute “pit stop” in the town of Dalwhinnie at the Dalwhinnie distillery. From there we drove directly to the golf course in Nairn.

Once again, like our first three rounds in St. Andrews, the wind was up and strong, at least 25+ mph all day.  But this time the rain was frequent and at time heavy.  It stopped and started at least 5 times during the round with the last 3 or 4 holes played in heavy rain. The temperature was also noticeably colder with the move farther north in Scotland.  The video highlights are only from the early holes due to the rain.

The guys did not mind the wind as much this time because it was generally not a cross wind.  The outward holes were played into the wind with inward downwind.  There were some big tee shots on the inward nine.

Again the team liked the course but it was different than the St. Andrews Links courses.  Nairn Golf Club primary feature is the frequent and strategic bunkers.  They look great and are placed in all the locations where the ball wants to go.

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