Round 5 Results – Royal Dornoch Golf Club

Results are in from Friday’s Round 5 at the Royal Dornoch Golf Club.

How do I read this scorecard?

– The top table is the gross scores with total as normal. The handicaps are shown next to the players’ names.  The table to the right of the top table has the Net score plus the total putts, number of 3 putts and number of holes scored 10+.  Everyone pays a £1 in to the Penalty Pot for 3 putts and holes 10+.

– The big game of the day was FLAGS.  All players were given a Canadian flag with the name on it and a number. The number was equal to the course par of 70 plus 66% of their handicap.  Each player was instructed to stick the flag in the ground when they reached the shot that was written on the flag.  The fun is to see who has to put their flag in the ground first, and then the winner is who puts their flag in the ground closest to the end of the round.  There was a tie in FLAGS with MikeM and DaveT both holing out on the 16th green exactly with their number.

Legend: Eagle = Dark Green, Birdie = Light Green, Par = White, Bogey = Yellow, DBogey = Orange, Other = Brown.

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