Round 3: The New Course Video

Here is a composite video of  the action on The New Course for Round 3 of the tour, Wednesday, Oct 5th.

The wind blew 25+ mph all day with heavy rain through the middle part of the round.  The latter part of the round was in light cloud and sunshine but the wind never let up.  And much like the day before on the Jubilee, the wind blew across the golf course out towards the water which put the majority of the holes in a cross wind.  Just plain difficult playing conditions…or a normal day of links golf in St. Andrews.

Everyone really liked the New Course.  Much tougher than the Jubilee and it was in very good condition.  The inward holes head back directly towards the town as can be seen in video.

We had a quick refreshment after the round in the St. Andrews Links Clubhouse which serves as the check-in and starting point for the Jubilee and New courses.  The day was completed with a dinner at the “One Under” pub right alongside the fairway of the 18th hole on the Old Course.  A great day.

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