Caddies and Trolleys

Notes and links about hiring caddies and renting trolleys (pull carts).

In all cases the web sites stated that advanced booking is required as the caddies are independent contractors.

Gratuities are extra at the players discretion.

St. Andrews Links (Jubilee, New, Castle):  Caddie £45 / Trainee Caddie £25, requires Caddie Request Form, Trolley £5.

The Nairn Golf Club:  Caddie £35 / Bag carrier £25

Royal Dornoch:  Caddie £40 / Bag carrier £25

Castle Stuart:  Caddie £35

Carnoustie Golf Links:  Caddie £45 / Trolley £4 / Electric Trolley by Powakaddy £14

Kingsbarns:  Caddie £45 + £10 extra per player (yardages and reading greens) / Fore-Caddie £80 per group (yardages and reading greens) / Trolley £4

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