Preparing for October golf in Scotland

Q asked our Halifax friend GregW, a veteran traveler to Scotland, what advice he had for preparing for October seaside links golf.  Some excellent tips from Greg…

  • Use golf travel bag for extra shoes/clothes – then as laundry bag while there
  • Bring at least 2 pairs golf shoes – waterproof ideally…
  • Lots of balls – they are rudely expensive over there
  • Gore Tex rain gear recommended, good umbrella and rain hat (bucket preferred but not stylish – have combined bucket & toque in past..)
  • Plan for ½ way laundry – based on length of trip – find out options around ½ way point (hotels crazy expensive but laundromats typically easy to find, soap etc usually there also)
  • Pack couple extra golf towels/golf gloves/rain gloves
  • Sep/Oct will require sweaters/mock necks/toque(s) and mittens/gloves
  • Only need couple pairs of jeans for post golf
  • Good warm jacket
  • Layering likely important that time of year – vests always helpful
  • Socks critical – lots of them! Golf shirts – not so much since you’ll likely be in windbreaker/sweater most days.

That’s off the top of my head Q! Bringing a good attitude likely best advice- although don’t expect your group will have any trouble there!


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